Young Life Story
Young Life Story
Obtained from salmon from the pure wates in the Arctic. The salmon oil is extracted within 68 minutes under nitrogen in order to retain all its nutrition and natural flavor.
Created with a unique manufacturing process, L-Calcium Lactate is a superior, highly-soluble calcium product that does not contain any extender or binding agent. It has been awarded with the Symbol of National Quality (SNQ).
Enefull Lychee Polyphenols, one of the first oligomerized polyphenols product is made from natural fruit-Lychee. It is highly active, easy to absorb. It helps to adjust physiological functions, accelerate metabolism and reduce fatigue.
It was awarded the NutrAward Best New Ingredient at Nutracon Conference in 2008 and Scientific Excellence Award in the Supplyside West Show 2011.
Awarded with various multinational patents, UC-II uses a low temperature, non-enzymatic manufacturing process to ensure the natural levels of undenatured type II collagen, simultaneously preserving the triple-helical structure. With the added natural form of N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine (NAG), Flex-Free promotes joint health, and enhance flexibility and mobility.
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