Membership Matters

How do I apply as a member? +
What does the distributor kit come with? +
Can I just walk in and buy products? +
How many levels are there in the membership structure? +
How does the promotion system work? +
Will there be training provided for new member? +
How do I get updated on the promotions? +
How do I check the stock availability of products? +

Placing Orders and Commissions

How do I place order via email? +
How do I login to Member’s Enquiry and Total Enquiry? +
Can I authorize another person to collect my commission on behalf? +

Products and Exchange Policy

How do I take care of the products? +
Is it necessary to wash products with Nefful Bio Clean detergent? +
Is it true that Nefful product really help to cure medical conditions? +
What is the recommended dosage for each Nefful supplement products? +
Will there be complications if I consume my medication and the supplement products from Nefful together? +
Can I exchange the product that I have purchased? +
Can I return the product that I have purchased? +

Size Chart

Overall +
Lady's Innerwear (Undershirt) / Outerwear +
Lady's Outerwear / Elegant Blazer +
Lady's Underpants / Pants +
Lady's Stretch Pants / Pantyhose +
Men's Innerwear (Undershirt) / Outerwear +
Men's Underpants / Pants +
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